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Buy Online Diflucan

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nitric acid dissolves it, and the concentrated acid attacks it very rapidly in the cold. The compound FeRi when prepared in an electric arc furnace contains a large amount of carbon boride. When most of this is removed a metallic powder is obtained j it is not attacked either by hot or cold dilute hydrochloric acid ; the concentrated acid slowly attacks it when heated ; nitric acid dissolves it easily, leaving a residue of carbon boride J it is Buy Online Diflucan oxidized slowly in the air. Chem. News., Aug. 16, 1907, 83 ; from Compt. rend., 14^ (1907), No. 2. Borides of Nickel and Cobalt Preparation and Properties, Binet du Jassonneix finds that if mixtures of nickel or cobalt and boron are heated to 1100 or T200'' C. in a current of hydrogen, products are obtained which in their properties and structure recall the corresponding com- pounds of iron. The cobalt product, which contains about 5 per cent, of boron, is attacked very slowly by warm hydrochloric acid. The residue then left Buy Online Diflucan contains 8.5 per cent, of boron, and consists of the compound CojB. The corresponding nickel product does not yield a definite boride when treated with hydrochloric acid. If an ingot of the melt is used as anode in a solution of nickel chloride and a current Buy Online Diflucan is passed, the anode rapidly yields a metallic powder with composition corresponding to the formula NijB. When the amount of boron exceeds 20 per cent., products are obtained which are more fusible than those which contain iron. The highest percentage of boron reached in these compounds is 27.1 and 27.2 respectively, corresponding to CoB^ and NiB,. Chem. News, Aug. 30, 1907, 107 ; from Compt. rend., 145 (1907), No. 4. SILICON. Magnesium SiHcide Composition and Properties, ^The metallographic examination of silicon compounds of magnesium apparently showing that only one magnesium silicide exists, Paul Lebeau and Robert Bossuet isolated the crystals of the silicide by eliminating the magnesium as mag- nesium organic compound, and determined the amount of magnesium and silicon they contain. Buy Online Diflucan The results obtained agree closely with the formula SiMg,. Thus the direct action of magnesium on silicon leads to the for- Digitized by Google 2 70 REPORT ON THE PROGRESS OF PHARMACY. mation of only one definite compound, having the formula SiMg,. This compound crystallizes in the magnesium, but can be separated by remov- ing the metal as magnesium organic compound. This silicide of magne- sium is completely dissociated in vacuo or in a current of hydrogen at I200** C. Chem. News, March 20, 1908, 143; from Compt. rend., 146 (1908), No. 6. Platinum and Palladium Silicides have been obtained and are described under the respective metals, which see. CARBON. Graphite Buy Online Diflucan Oxidizing and Decolorizing Properties, Buy Online Diflucan In order to deter- mine the decolorizing power of graphite, Henri Louis Dejust shook i Gm, of It with 42 Cc. of a solution of litmus containing 9.8 Gm. of extract per liter at 100 C. After shaking for, thirty seconds it was filtered, and the colors of the filtrates compared with one another. The same graphite after purification (reducing its carbon to 93.1 per cent.) produced less decolor- ation. If the medium in which the operation takes place is acid, neutral, or basic, the effect is unaltered. With animal black, however, in a Buy Online Diflucan neutral or acid solution the decoloration Buy Online Diflucan is total, while in a basic solution it is less than when purified graphite is used. Graphite has an oxidizing action like that of animal black. A solution of paraphenylene diamine left in air in contact with graphite in the cold turns brown, and this effect is accelerated by heating. It also decolorizes a solution of litmus in absence of air ; for example, when a flask of the solution which has been boiled is completely filled. Chem. News, July 5, 1907, 11 ; from Comp. rend., 144 (1907), No. 23, Jet Its Origin. Percy E. Spielmann has made an examination of some samples of Whitby jet under the direction of Prof, E. J. Constam, at the Eidgenossische Prtifungsanstalt fiir Brennstoffe at Zurich, with the object of determining the natural origin of jet. The substance was con- sidered from the point of view of a fuel ; chemical analyses and deter- minations of heating values were made for comparison with similar results for coals of various kinds, examined in the ordinary routine of such a laboratory. A comparison of the results for the pure jet with those ob- tained for cannel coal, shows a great similarity between the two, and, taking into consideration the results of other investigators, make it evi- dent that jet must be classed with cannel coal rather than with lignite, wliose composition is very different. Although analgous Buy Online Diflucan results for bitumen have not been published anywhere, within the author's knowl- edge, a calculation made on an average sample gave, as result, a heating value of 10019 cals., the average heating value of lignite being 5500 cals. ; of cannel coal 8277 cals., and of jet 8438 cals. From this, together with analyses recorded in a previous paper, it follows that jet is far removed Digitized by Google SODIUM SALTS OF PERCARBONIC ACID. 27 1 from bitumen^ compared with cannel Buy Online Diflucan coal. Chem. News, April i6, 1908, 181-183. Animal Charcoal Decolorizing Action. Buy Online Diflucan Prof. Edmund Knecht com- municates a preliminary paper on the decolorizing action of animal char- coal, for the simple purpose at this time of securing priority on two points, viz., that animal charcoal contains a considerable amount of fixed nitro- gen, and that its decolorizing action on a typical acid dye-stuff, such as "crystal-scarlet," for example, is in a direct ratio to the amount of nitro- gen contained in the animal charcoal. Trans. Brit. Pharm. Conf. (Year- book of Pharmacy), 1907, 431-433. Calcium Carbide Synthesis on a Small Scale. According to Edmund Knecht the synthesis on a small scale of calcium carbide may readily be effected as follows : A piece of metallic calcium about the size of a pea is placed in a cavity cut out of a piece of charcoal and heated with a small blow pipe flame. The metal burns with a brilliant orange-colored flame, and then disappears into the charcoal. On breaking up the latter a hard
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